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Traveling by bike is very diverse and can differ significantly from each other. In some cases, participants set themselves the goal of covering a certain distance in the shortest possible time along a difficult route with obstacles, while in others, they simply ride through various interesting places, using the ease and speed of movement that the use of a bike gives. Depending on the duration, the distance covered and the conditions in which they take place, bike trips can be conditionally divided into the following types:

Short term. They usually last one or two days. Such trips can hardly be called a trip. One-day runs without an overnight stay are often held by various organizations and foundations to raise funds or to commemorate some historical event. They are also responsible for the supply and rest of the participants and their safety. Often singles and small groups travel on their own to some interesting place near their city and return the same day. The so-called “weekend hikes” usually take place over the course of one weekend. In this case, the emphasis is on spending the night in nature, and the bike is mainly used to get to the right place. Such trips do not need careful planning, and if you use rail transport, then the range of such a trip will increase significantly.

Traveling light, also referred to as “credit card tours”, requires a minimum of luggage, and the main luggage with this method is money. Such trips are possible in densely populated places with a well-developed tourist infrastructure, primarily in Western Europe and the United States. Due to the fact that the traveler does not need to spend energy on transporting a large number of things that ensure his autonomy, the speed of movement increases significantly. Food is bought in restaurants, cafes or markets, and hotels, hostels or pensions are used for night rest. This type of tourism is especially suitable for those who want to get to know the life of a country and take a leisurely look at all its sights. Italy, France or Spain with their medieval towns and castles are just perfect for such trips.

Classic cycling tours are familiar to everyone since Soviet times. Cauldrons, tents, cooking on a fire or stove (although now they are more like compact gas or alcohol stoves), songs with a guitar – everything is like in a regular trip. Carpathians, Crimea, Seliger! How nice it is to finally get out of the suffocating atmosphere of the city into nature and spend a week or two among shady forests and streams with crystal clear water. Of course, to ensure autonomy, you will have to take a lot of different things and provisions with you, but a bicycle makes life extremely easy. You no longer need to put a huge backpack on your back, turning into a mule or a camel, and drag it all on your own two feet. This care will be successfully taken over by a two-wheeled horse, and the tourist will only have to pedal. The speed of movement also increases, making it possible to go farther and see more.

Expeditionary tourism is the most exciting and at the same time the most difficult and lengthy. This is no longer just a trip or a hike, but a real adventure that remains in the memory for a lifetime. During travels lasting months, or even years, entire continents cross. The routes run through remote, often dangerous and difficult places located in the territories of developing countries in Asia or Africa. On long trips, they mostly go alone or in a group of several like-minded people. Some fidgets who are possessed by a thirst for wandering even spend their “honeymoon” in this way, often dragging on for several years.


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