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A modern adult road bike is designed for short walks in the park or, for example, trips to the store on a flat asphalt road. If you are going to ride a bike for long distances, pay attention to a high-speed road bike, better known as a road bike. It is often confused with the classic road, but this is wrong. A road bike has suspension on the front fork, headlights and multiple speeds. Ordinary road bikes are deprived of such features.

Another of the features of a road bike is a curved handlebar, a high frame, a rigid carbon fork, narrow wheels with smooth tires, 2-3 leading stars with a small pitch, and integrated brake levers.

Also, city bikes are mistakenly classified as road bikes. Modern city road bikes are designed for leisurely riding. They have a closed or open frame, large wheels, wide handlebars, chain guards, headlights, rear-view mirrors. Sometimes these models are equipped with a manual speed switch.

Now let’s move on to the topic of our conversation – classic road bikes. Their design includes:

  • Steel frame. In rare cases – aluminum. Women’s road bikes can have a folding frame.
  • Steel hoops for wheels.
  • Fairly wide steering wheel.
  • Wide seat.
  • Mudguards.
  • Chain cover.
  • Trunk.
  • Foot drum brakes (unlike road models equipped with hand brakes).


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