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In order to enjoy riding, to be cheerful, cheerful and fit, it is not necessary to become a professional athlete. You can overcome steep hills and ride at a speed of 30 km / h not only on sports bikes.

A comfortable fit, ease of handling, minimum maintenance and maximum enjoyment – that’s what a good city bike will give you.

To understand which bike is right for you, let’s take a quick look at each of the above types.

Cross bike (hybrid)

A cross bike has several names: hybrid, touring or just a road bike. This type of bike can be described as follows – it is a grown-up, settled down mountain bike. On a cross bike, there are elements that make riding more comfortable: stationary protective fenders, footrest, chain guard, rack, shock absorber on the fork and under the saddle (as an option).

Most cross bikes are fitted with 28-inch wheels. This size allows you to reduce the negative impact of road irregularities. Compared to 26″ wheels, with equal effort, the speed on 28″ is significantly higher. Comfortable riding on asphalt or over rough terrain with the ability to cover long distances – this is what a cross bike is best suited for.

Folding bicycle

The bestseller of recent years is a folding bike. The main advantage of this type of city bike is compactness. Usually, the wheel size of such a bike is 16 or 20 inches, and the weight is about 10 kilograms. You can even store it in a closet, and transport it in the trunk of any small car. With such a bike, you can safely ride the bus or the subway.

With its small dimensions, a modern folding bike allows you to develop a very decent speed. Thanks to the transmission with a gearshift system, you can easily conquer long climbs and steep hills.

Retro bike

The name retro refers only to the appearance. This bike looks like a vintage guest from the middle of the last century. But the frame, carriage, bushings, brakes – all parts of a retro bike are made using the most modern technologies. You can ride a retro bike in ordinary city clothes. This bike is ideal for cycling in the park or picnic trips.


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