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Cannondale Synapse Bicycle

The bike is made from carbon and features a slack, high-reaching head tube, and a 100mm wheelbase. This gives it an incredibly stable ride, and it’s surprisingly lightweight, too. This is an entry-level carbon bike, but it will likely be a great investment, as you’ll find plenty of gear mounts and a range of groupset options.

The Cannondale Synapse Review

The bike’s geometry is similar to that of a road bike, with a longer wheelbase, and a relatively high head tube. While this bike is still a racing machine, it’s easy to live with, which makes it a good choice for a recreational cyclist, too. It’s fast and responsive, while being easy on the body. Its relaxed geometry is a great choice for those who want a bike that will feel comfortable and confident when riding for long periods of time.

The geometry of the Cannondale Synapse is similar to that of a road bike. The frame’s broader head tube and relaxed angles make the bike more stable over rougher terrain. Although it’s a road bike, it’s more upright than a dedicated race machine. It’s also stiff, so it’s easy to ride for long periods of time. The frame is well-balanced and can be easily shifted to a different riding position when necessary.

Synapse bike became the fastest in the world

The geometry of the bike is a major advantage. The frame’s larger head tube means it’s stable over rougher surfaces. The wheelbase also helps it respond to descents without sacrificing stability. This helps a cyclist to pedal in a more comfortable way and increase efficiency. This is a major bonus when it comes to a road bike. However, if you’re not a serious road racer, you’ll need to find a different bike altogether.

The frame is another major advantage. The Synapse is very comfortable and easy to live with. The head tube is tall and the frame has relaxed angles. This makes the bike more stable on rough terrain and allows for more aggressive riding. The slack in the bike’s geometry makes it ideal for both mountain biking and road racing. The bike’s upright geometry is the main reason it’s so comfortable.

The frame is made of aluminum and the frame has a high stack and short reach. The bike is very stable and is designed for flat and dry roads. It handles off-camber technical bends well without compromising steering speed. In addition, the geometry of the bike makes it easy for cyclists to sit upright, which reduces pressure on their lower backs and wrists. This makes it a very efficient bike.


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