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In this article, we will talk about where and how to store your bike so that all its components remain in perfect working order. Below we will also tell you in which places you can leave the bike for the winter, and in which it is not recommended.

Choose your own storage space

If you decide to organize storage on your own, then the ideal place to store the bike would be a dry, heated room that is not subject to temperature changes. At the same time, care must be taken that the bicycle is not located near heating devices – this will negatively affect the paintwork, rubber and plastic parts. Typically, apartments or vestibules of entrances become such premises, but not everyone has the opportunity to store a bike at home. How to be in such a situation?

It is also advisable to remove the suspension fork, wheels and saddle from the bike and keep warm. Keeping a bike on an open balcony is highly discouraged if it is at least somewhat dear to you. In this case, it will be exposed to high humidity, temperature changes, and precipitation, which will quickly render its components and parts unusable.

Another popular storage space for hobbyists is the garage. Before leaving the bike in it for the whole winter, you need to make sure of the temperature conditions. In a dry and warm garage, you can safely leave the bike without special preparation. Do not store your bike in a high humidity garage. Humidity is the main enemy of a bicycle frame and all metal parts.

Seasonal storage services

Recently, seasonal bike storage has become popular among cyclists. This service is provided mainly by bicycle shops. In this case, the bike will be stored in a special box in favorable conditions, and in addition to storage, there is usually a service package that includes maintenance and preparation of the bike for the new season.

Thus, using this service, you can not bother about the lack of storage space or unsuitable conditions, but leave this issue to professionals and get a fully serviced, tuned and ready-to-ride bike by the beginning of the season.


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