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We run a cycling blog to help visitors and customers to dive deeper into the world of cycling. The main purpose of creating this section is the desire to share many years of experience in the bicycle industry. We tell beginners how to choose the right bike, how to maintain it yourself and what to do so that it does not turn into a piece of furniture. It is very important for us to keep the audience of the site up to date with the latest news, so we talk about the latest news from cycling companies and new trends in the cycling industry. Articles on the bike blog are published with some frequency, because our main activity is informing people about bicycles, but believe me, we put all our knowledge and experience into each of them.

We are a professional team of like-minded people who are passionate about cycling in all its manifestations. Our managers and bike mechanics know everything about the bike not from magazines and YouTube, but primarily from their own many years of experience. We use a bicycle as a means of transport all year round, participate in competitions, go on bike trips, and take a team out on summer evenings for an ice cream party. We are all different, but we are united by love and passion for an active lifestyle. We love mountains, hiking and rafting, climbing and descending into caves. Enjoy reading!


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