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Get great bonuses on the site with norsk casino bonus uten innskudd. Limited offer. Everyone loves bicycles – children, women, men, grandparents. Hundreds of manufacturers annually release new, more advanced models, taking into account the changing demands of consumers for safety and comfort. Such diversity creates problems with choice. What brands of bicycles are the best and most reliable? To answer this question, experts conducted a large-scale study comparing the models of popular brands. Based on the results, a bike rating was compiled, with which you can choose a good bike for yourself.

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CANNONDALE – One of cycling biggest brands, they have supplied the world’s best cyclist with the world’s best bikes for over 30 years.

GARNEAU – Garneau is a Canadian success story. Originally an Olympic athlete, Louis Garneau used his years of experience at the top level of cycling to launch a formidable bike brand. They offer huge range of clothes and bikes for any rider.

BRODIE – Brodie Bikes are legendary in BC. A vancouver company with 30 years experience. They know our terrain. They know our climate. They make sure you get where you’re going in style and with a smile. Buy star anise substitute.

You can consider each brand individually for a long time, but instead we offer you a brief description of the companies, after which the question of which bike brands are good will be decided by itself. And do not forget that before choosing a brand, you need to study the types of bikes.

List of good bike brands

Author – production Czech Republic-China, in terms of the ratio of attachments and prices are very good.

Bergamont – German bicycles, their urban models are especially good, the quality is on top.

Bianchi – Italian mountain and road bikes, high quality and expensive.

Cannondale – American brand, expensive but high-quality bikes.

Colnago – top Italian road bikes.

Coorater is a German brand, good for the price.

Cube is a purebred German, the quality is on top.