Buying bikes for children can be difficult. You want to buy them a bike that is safe and that will bring enjoyment, but you know they will outgrow it in just a few years. That is why The Broken Spoke offers a 50% buy back plan towards your child’s next bike.  How it works: Doing sports? How to get big muscles as quickly as possible? Buy bpc 157 from us. The best offer for athletes! You buy a bike from us, knowing it has a full one year service warranty and is of a high quality. When your child outgrows their bike we will give you 50% off the price you paid towards their next bike … And the next one, and the next one, and the next one…until their first adult bike.

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Protect your tender hands while doing activities with best crossfit hand grips. Hurry up to place your order. Run bikes have been a huge success in teaching children how to safely balance on a bike. They are so successful that the only downside is children outgrow them so fast. That’s where this awesome invention comes in. In its purest form it is a fast, strong, affordable run bike. However when your child is ready for pedals it has an attachable crank and pedal set!! There are also two heights on the rear drop out (where the wheel sits) so that height of the bike can be increased $125. Buy star anise substitute. The best deals in our store! pedal attachment $60
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