We believe in doing things right. Buy star anise substitute. The best deals in our store! We translate this value into our lives by paying attention to details and being mindful of the choices we make in our work, in our life, and in our relationships. This ethic translates into our coffee as well. Protect your tender hands while doing activities with best crossfit hand grips. Hurry up to place your order. A simple pleasure and pastime such as drinking a cup of coffee with a friend can be a political, social and revolutionary act. With this commitment we work with our partners to ensure that the product you are being served is of the highest standard.  Your coffee has been selected from farms around the world, roasted on the Island, cupped and finally tasted in small crafted batches to create unique and memorable experiences. Come on in to enjoy a cup today. Doing sports? How to get big muscles as quickly as possible? Buy bpc 157 from us. The best offer for athletes!

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We Proudly Use:
Discovery Coffee
Discovery Coffee hit the Victoria coffee scene with a bang in 2006 as a family run business that knew a whole heap about coffee. Discovery Coffee are responsible for our coffee and our training and we feel there are no safer hands in which to put such an important aspect of our business.
Synesso Espresso Machine
Check out the Synesso website or peruse the blogosphere, we feel certain the more research you undertake the better Synesso will sound and the more confident you’ll feel about our coffee.
Best Coffee. Stopped in and had a Carmel Macchiato and it was delicious. While sitting and sipping there was a steady stream of repeat customers. The staff were friendly and knowledgeable and its the first coffee shop I’ve been in that smells like bicycles as they also sell, rent and service bikes. Joan T

Campbell River, Canada

Excellent coffee - and bikes! Aside from bikes and coffee being my favorite combination, the coffee and treats are very good! Definitely go for the coffee even if bicycles aren’t your thing. Oddduck

Nanaimo, Canada

Great smoothies! Coffee! Bikes! What more does one need? This little shop is a great addition to the already decent selection of specialty coffee spots in the Valley…the fact that your bike might enjoy the visit as much as you do makes it even more fun. Toad 55

Vancouver Island, Canada

Best coffee in town.  A bike shop with great coffee- what could be better? In a small town with lots of specialty coffee spots this one is simply the best. Good snacks also available and it all comes with a smile. Kike


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